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Happy Holidays!
Have a Happy Holiday season with 10% off your order until Jan 2nd. Use the code "HOLIDAY" when checking out.

Item Listed Out of Stock?

All of our miniatures are casted in house, so if something is listed "Out of Stock" that just means we're going to cast a fresh one for your order. This should only hold your order up by a few hours, or a day at the most.* Any products we sell that are not miniatures, such as books or Geomancer tiles, may take a few days/weeks to restock.

*Barring any outside issues like weather or holidays.

Shipping Issues
The USPS API is pretty fickle, and often stops working. If you have this issue happen when you're trying to check out, just e-mail us your order and shipping address; we'll get you a Paypal Invoice asap.